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SCHMETZ DBx1 nm 90 size 14 (Lockstitch)
JACK DPx5 size 70/10 (Buttonhole/2 needle lockstitch)

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We specialized in the Jack brand of industrial sewing machines. The Jack brand is of highest quality, easy to maintain and very reliable. As main distributor of Jack in Europe, we have a wide selection of machines in stock, therefore we are able to perform a good service to our customers regarding fast delivery and a low price level. Jack is a international brand which consists of hundreds of different industrial sewing machines. On our website we have handpicked a selection of the most common sold machines. We are of course able to obtain other types of industrial sewing machines if customers has specific requirement.

 Additionally to the Jack brand we sell the brands  Brother, Juki, GlobalVeit. These links refer to the producers websites, where the products are displayed. Contact us by email or phone if you wish to order these brands.

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